Belfast Partners mission is to increase investment into Belfast and to support exports from Belfast companies by raising Belfast’s profile and by building sustainable networks between Belfast and other fast-growth international cities.

The concept behind the creation of Belfast Partners is to fill the communication & engagement gap which is currently not addressed by existing networks, processes or programs – to provide a unique forum for Belfast to proactively communicate & engage directly with other internationally-focused cities, at a social, academic, business and city executive level.

In short, the network addresses the key drivers of city growth and prosperity;

  • Foreign Direct Investment
  • Investment in property and infrastructure
  • Export Sales
  • Company Capacity & Capability
  • Academia
  • Social Enterprise & Voluntary
  • Youth Enterprise

For City Leaders

Belfast Partners provides city leaders with a forum through which they can engage with organisations, companies and individuals that have the ability to bring business to Belfast, including;

  • Property investors & developers, shared workspace providers
  • Start-up entrepreneurs
  • International companies evaluating new business locations
  • Fast growth companies looking for expansion options
  • Companies willing to offer training, work experience, coaching or internships to Belfast youth
  • Investors and Operators of Business Accelerator hubs

Furthermore, it connects Belfast Executive Leaders with their counterparts in the City of London and London boroughs. In this way we facilitate the sharing of knowledge and expertise.

For Company Leaders

Belfast Partners provides Belfast Company Leaders with access to business opportunities in London by connecting them with C-suite executives and senior buyers in sectors that are of strategic importance to Belfast:

  • Technology & FinTech
  • Construction
  • Professional, Financial & Legal Services
  • Agrifood

Furthermore, for companies seeking finance, funding, mentoring or executive director support, it provides valuable linkages to sources of potential assistance.

For Academic Leaders

Belfast Partners offers opportunities for collaboration and the sharing of knowledge and best-practice between Belfast universities, colleges and schools by connecting like-minded academic leaders.

For Voluntary Sector Leaders

Belfast Partners enables leaders of social enterprises, youth and voluntary organisations to form linkages and alliances with London-based peer groups.

For Youth Enterprise

Belfast Partners enables Belfast youth to access mentoring, apprenticeships and work-experience in London.