Belfast Partners will host a number of events in  2018 & 2019

Investment & Buyer Dinner, Belfast City Hall, 6th March 2018

In March 2018, Belfast Partners will organise an investment & buyer dinner at Belfast City Hall, hosted by Suzanne Wylie, Chief Executive of Belfast City Council.

Senior decision makers from the London & Dublin business communities will join us to learn about the exciting opportunities for property & infrastructure investment, the significant benefits of creating new jobs in Belfast, and the outstanding products & services offered by Belfast companies.

Upon arrival in the city, guests will join a tour to view some of the fantastic new city developments, finishing with a visit to the Titanic Exhibition. That evening, Suzanne Wylie will welcome guests to City Hall, for a dinner featuring local produce.

Further information to follow.

Attendance is invitation only and restricted to key sponsors & guests. Please see sponsorship options.


Dublin Networking Reception, Spring 2018

In response to demand from our network in Dublin, Belfast Partners will launch in the city in Spring 2018.  Our Dublin network comprises senior leaders from the Financial & Professional Services and Technology sectors, many of whom have expressed an interest in opportunities for investment & business-expansion and are keen to explore the possibility of partnerships & collaboration with Belfast companies.

We plan an evening reception for 100 guests with welcome drinks, speeches and networking over drinks & canapes. We are seeking a host for this event, who can provide the reception venue, and cover 50% of the hospitality costs, with Belfast Partners covering the remaining 50%.

To coincide with this important launch event, the UK Ambassador to Ireland will host a select roundtable investment & export focused lunch for key guests. For more information, please contact