10 reasons to invest in Belfast

Belfast City Council has produced this handy ‘10 reasons‘ guide as to why investing in Belfast is a great idea.

1. Talent and skills in abundance

We have two universities, both involved in global research activity, with 45,000 current students and a college which is the largest provider of further and higher education and training in Northern Ireland.

2. Strategically placed at the centre of global markets

Belfast is ideally located between the US and Europe. It’s six hours from New York, 90 minutes from Dublin and one hour from London.

3. Operating costs are competitive

Operating costs average 20 per cent to 30 per cent less than the rest of the UK and Europe. Corporation Tax levels here are already the lowest in the G20, and from 2018, they will fall to 12.5 per cent.

4. Productive workforce

Belfast is ranked in the top 10 local areas in the UK for productivity with a GVA per head of €44,577.

5. You’ll be in good company

Belfast is now home to a range of international investors and recognised global brands and is the number one destination in Europe for new software development projects. Almost 75 per cent of investors reinvest in Northern Ireland.

6. Telecoms connectivity is world class

Belfast has the highest density of fibre in Europe and the best availability of superfast broadband in the UK. Northern Ireland is one of the first regions in Europe to operate high speed, next generation services with a new 40 gigabyte per second link to North America and Europe. This infrastructure is one of the factors behind the phenomenal growth in knowledge industries in the city over the last decade.

7. It’s easy to do business

We’ll do what it takes to make your investment move as smooth as possible. Whether that’s helping you find office space, recruiting the best staff or linking you with other investors, working with you every step of the way. We can fast track your applications to help you develop here.

8. We offer financial incentives

Our business support partners can offer an attractive and competitive package of financial incentives, recruitment and training and research and development costs, depending on your company’s needs.

9. Our universities and businesses work well together

Business education partnerships are central to our economic success. We have globally recognised research centres across a range of fields as diverse as secure information technologies, cognitive robotics, renewable technologies and cancer research.

10. Our quality of life is excellent

Belfast is a city of urban adventure. It has a thriving cultural and social scene, a tasty mix of restaurants from street food to Michelin starred establishments and excellent sporting facilities. It’s surrounded by hills and is close to many Blue Flag beaches. The city has some of the top performing schools in the UK.

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